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Venture Catalysts: Democratising The Start-Up Ecosystem Amidst Pandemic

The ability to foresee a future arriving at the democratisation of a close-ended start-up ecosystem fuelled the business and today Venture Catalysts have taken the leadership pole position in start-up investments and incubation, by democratising the start-up ecosystem

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Entrepreneurial Firms And Their VUCA Readiness

A business environment characterized by VUCA components is the new normal. Enterprises that are VUCA ready will find it easier to sail through the turbulent and chaotic business environment.

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Disrupting Through Democratization Of Start-Up Ecosystem: Dr Apoorva Ranjan Sharma

Venture Catalysts equipped itself with a flexible structure to mitigate the VUCA business environment by assimilating within its ecosystem investors, micro firms, legal and financial experts.

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Organisational Medley: Response To VUCA By Entrepreneurial Firms

Creativity is needed to produce unthinkable solutions to a problem; on the other side innovation is an act of implementing creativity in finding solutions.

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The Connection Between Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The role of entrepreneurship in innovation driven economies is quite clear. Higher the rates of innovation, higher the rates of entrepreneurial births taking place for absorption and diffusion of the new technologies.

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Climbing up the ladder in a VUCA world of energy transition

To suffuse the existing disparity shall be instrumental in holistic achievement of all initiatives undertaken for the adoptive and sustainable transition to cleaner fuels at all levels of the societal strata. Let us then affirm our resolve to climb the ladder in this VUCA world of energy transition.

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