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India Expected to Become a $5 trillion Economy in the Next 8-9 Years: Suresh Prabhu

He also expressed hope that the next set of unicorns in India will not just be a unicorn but will be profitable.

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India’s Growth Story Looks More Promising Than Ever Before: Suresh Prabhu

According to Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, ABB, the focus of the energy sector is now shifting towards promotion of energy efficient technologies and deployment of new technology to manage networks better.

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‘Smart’ Indian Railways Can Raise GDP by 2% Says Suresh Prabhu

Railways Minister says technology can finally make policy implementation, faster and customer service, real time.

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Create Ecosystem to Make New IPR Policy Successful: Suresh Prabhu

The aim of this Conclave & Awards is to facilitate further development of IPR footprint of Indian start-ups enabling them to utilize IPRs effectively in knowledge driven economy.

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