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Egreens Sets Up INR 150 Mn Agritech Fund

Egreens will focus on startups that use innovative technologies and disruptive business models across the entire value chain of food production, storage, and transportation

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Climbing up the ladder in a VUCA world of energy transition

To suffuse the existing disparity shall be instrumental in holistic achievement of all initiatives undertaken for the adoptive and sustainable transition to cleaner fuels at all levels of the societal strata. Let us then affirm our resolve to climb the ladder in this VUCA world of energy transition.

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Mentoring is Key for Developing Entrepreneurs from Underprivileged Sections of Society

Under the BYST program, each enterprise is assigned an individual mentor who provides personalized advice, tracks business growth and helps solve problems.

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India Faces its Biggest Threat: Looming Water Crisis

Large parts of Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are already ranked as over-withdrawal areas, where the demand on water exceeds 100% of the water that is available.

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