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Future of Fashion industry: India in 2050

The fashion industry will witness more use of materials such as polymer threads, which are five times thinner than human hair. There will also be more use of sustainable fabric and material with environmental consciousness becoming a more common refrain in recent times, especially amongst the youth.

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Future of Energy: India in 2050

In 2050, India will achieve reliable, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable electricity system, addressing the energy security and environmental strains.

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Future of Rural Prosperity: India in 2050

Demographically a large proportion of population may migrate to urban India by 2050; however about 850 million people will continue to reside in rural India.

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India in 2050: Future of Cities

India’s cities are the real powerhouses of the national economy. But because the majority of our population is still rural – they have to generate enough resources to sustain themselves as well as their rural neighbors.

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India in 2050: Future of Food

By 2050, the India’s population will reach 1.7 billion people, creating the most populated country in the world. Food demand will increase by 70%, and is already lagging domestic food production.

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