InMobi Scores Profitability! Only 2nd Indian Unicorn to Reach Milestone

It’s a new financial year and this is definitely a silver lining in the dull Indian startup hub. InMobi was triumphant when it claimed that it had registered a profit and has been in the green MoM since last year June 2016. A leading daily reports InMobi ended 2016 with a quarterly profit of around 10 million dollars. Here are a few interesting tidbits on InMobi as we cheer them on to bigger ROIs!

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There around 10 unicorns in India. The first such company to become profitable was Mu Sigma. Dhiraj Rajaram is its founder and he’s the man in the picture. Dhiraj got the ball rolling on profitable unicorns with his idea to make a decision sciences and big data analytics company, founded in 2004.

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