Article on December 26, 2016

After Effects of Demonetization – What It Means for the Indian Economy

Though there is a unanimous agreement that the execution and preparedness for the demonetization process could have been much better, one has to accept that the PM had given an opportunity to prepare for this eventuality and laid out a road map including the announcement of the Jan Dhan Yojana scheme and the Income Declaration Scheme.

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AVISHKAR, An Accelerator Programme, Invites Applications for Its Third Batch

AVISHKAR supports deep-tech startups with a 10 Lakh Seed Fund, access to IIIT Research Labs and a 6-month structured business coaching. The programme delivers investment readiness for the startups and prepares them to grow to a mature company.

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India Deals: Snapchat to Acquire Israeli Augmented Reality Startup Cimagine Media and 7 More Updates

SV.CO, the world's first digital incubator for student startups, has signed an agreement with DigitalOcean, making the American company its official cloud partner for its incubation programmes.

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Rachnathmak India, Please Protect Your Ideas!

The bootstrappers, the uninformed and the counterfeiters don’t have the money, the knowledge or the inclination to pursue legal channels of protecting ones intellectual property rights (IPR). It may seem like an unnecessary hassle while you’re still rushing to establish yourself. But if you make it big like Samsung or Apple or Paytm or PayPal, do you really want to be caught with no legs to stand on?

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NowFloats Makes Two Senior Level Appointments; Hires Rajeev Goyal and Mukesh Lohar

Rajeev will assume the responsibility of growing the discovery platform’s business through the use of empirical and scalable methodology. He will be also be leading the company’s Digital Desh drive.

Read More : A New Entrant in Retail Aggregation began with the need to #BringBackRetail in competitive onlineworld, as we felt that offline retail needed to have tools, to connect with modern age shoppers.

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Unocoin Associates with PayUmoney to Enable Mass Adoption of Bitcoin Currency

The partnership enables Unocoin users to buy Bitcoin using PayUmoney Wallet, hence giving them more alternatives than restricting to NEFT/IMPS/RTGS transfers.

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"Focus on Creating Value Rather than Profitability; To Do Well in the Long-Run!"- Bhavin Turakhia

Currently, the complete focus is on our existing business i.e. Flock, Zeta, Radix, and Ringo. We have stated earlier as well that we have committed USD 110 million in the existing businesses for the current and the next financial year.

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Growth Market for Sex Toys in India, Specially Tier 2 Market

The sexual wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry globally and is expected to reach 52 billion by 2020. In 2013, when the Indian sexual wellness industry started gaining visibility, the market was worth only $213 million.

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ALKWA: A Water- Ionizer Brand Building a Strong Network to Export in Near-Future

People had difficulty coming down every day to collect water so they requested me to design a homemade water ionizer which I had made for our own use by assembling some parts and modifying them.

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