Article on June 19, 2016

Campify - A Mobile App EdTech Startup Aims to Keep the Students Updated About Latest Happenings in the College Campus

The biggest challenge was to close our previous venture NZT Solutions and simultaneously retaining our core team to work on campify.

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Tentacle - One Stop "Everything Cloud" for SMEs

There are close to 55 million SMEs in India with about 25% i.e. 12 million SMEs actively looking for cloud-based solutions to solve their business problems and needs. And Tentacle wishes to reach out to these 12 million SMEs with much affordable cloud based solutions.

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IthakaTales - A Mobile App That Provides You Travel Experience in Various Formats

We are looking to engage our local partnerships and showcase the talent of the people who create our content to differentiate us.

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Purple Stores - A DIY eCommerce Platform Devised Specifically For The Indian Retailers

India's eCommerce market is expected to breach the $100-billion mark by FY20, triggered by increasing internet usage, discounting and investment by online retailers.

Read More - A Legal Tech Startup That is Looking to Make Legal Simple in India

We already have a 1,000+ lawyer network spread across 70 cities. In the next 6 months – 5,000 lawyers will be part of the network, and we’ll be serving over 20,000 legal queries a month, with strong presence in 8 cities.

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