Article on September 09, 2023

In His Next Innings: ‘Want To Be An Investor To Enable Entrepreneurs’

With this mega exit, Mithun Sacheti expressed his satisfaction, affirming that there could not be a better home than Tata for CaratLane. He revealed his future aspirations to remain and actively invest, harnessing his wealth of experience and resources to nurture other businesses

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India Secures Third Rank In Global EV Charging Affordability

Indian EV owners spend a mere USD 0.95 for every 100 kilometres, while countries such as Denmark and Italy charge their citizens USD 7.49 for the same distance. This places India in second position in terms of percentage savings, with EV drivers in the country saving an impressive 88.26 per cent per kilometer

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EV Infra: Challenges & Solutions For Greener Future

This situation has led to the so-called 'chicken and egg' problem, where the growth of charging infrastructure lags behind the increasing adoption of electric vehicles. In India, for instance, as of March 2023, there were approximately 21.7 lakh registered electric vehicles but only 10,967 registered chargers

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India's EV Revolution: The Game-Changing Promise Of Battery Swapping

Currently, if the battery is decoupled from the vehicle the GST rate is 18 per cent while along with the vehicle, the tax rate is 5 per cent. This asymmetrical structure of tax not only impacts the adoption of Swapping but also impacts the adoption of electric vehicles in general

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Driving India's Future: EV As Catalyst For Economic Growth

India's transition to electric vehicles represents a historic opportunity to simultaneously reduce oil dependency, stimulate job growth, position the nation as a global leader in the EV industry and significantly reduce the carbon emission

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Tech Drives Emobility: More Economical & Sustainable Pathway

The integration of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology is another significant advancement in e-mobility. Connectivity and IoT technology allow seamless integration with smart grids and charging infrastructure

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