Article on September 08, 2017

World’s First Fully Automated Drone Startup ‘Airobotics’ Raises $32.5M to Enter Defence

It’s the first in the world to be granted authorization to fly fully automated drones without a pilot, as licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.

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Within last two years, the company has acquired more than 10000+ users globally.

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KOOVS Cofounder Launches First B2B Ecomm Site for Hospitality Sector

Hospitality companies that have adopted ecommerce reportedly see a 51 percent increase in their revenues and a 49 percent increase in profits.

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Navia Life Care- Improves the Lives of People through Innovative Products and Services

Navia Life Care was founded by Kunal Kishore Dhawan, Gaurav Gupta and Shourjo Banerjee in 2015.

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Entrepreneurs’ Organization Announces its Accelerator Program for First-stage Entrepreneurs

The EO New Delhi chapter is encouraging applications from new-age entrepreneurs seeking a platform for learning from established and successful entrepreneurs.

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Customer Experience Strategy as a Game Changer for Growth

According to an IDC survey, over 72 percent of the respondents agreed that their customer experience management approach was owned by the company’s senior directors and executives.

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‘Innovation can Happen When You Find Problems to Solve’

Leisure, Artificial Intelligence, Complex Injectable and finding ways to substitute import offer next big growth opportunities

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