Article on February 02, 2017

Future Innovations in Solar Mounting Technology

The solar industry is committed to bring remarkable products and systems to the Indian and global markets to enhance solar development across the world.

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Five Industries Which Saw the Maximum Shift Towards Mobility Post-Demonetisation

With cash having become a scarce commodity post-demonetisation, digital transactions became part and parcel of everyday lives.

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The Most Sought After Professions of 2017

The HR divisions need to be a part of the overall digital transformation lifecycle.

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5 Driving Factors for Entrepreneurs to Transform Their Business Idea into a Reality

It is imperative that an entrepreneur continuously monitors their competitors as this helps in not only in planning the strategy and approach but also the benchmark ourselves with the best in the market.

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Evolution of Fitness Industry in India! Rides High on Growth

The fitness and wellness sector in India has come a long way from the days of the local akhadas to wrestling now being a part of the international Olympics, with India actively taking part in it and winning medals for the country.

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How Native Advertising Is Taking Over Traditional Marketing?

“The biggest question advertisers and publishers ask from themselves is: How to bring out the best of the content present on a website by compiling it with the most suitable advertisements that go hand in hand with the entire look and feel of the content?”

Read More Raised An Undisclosed Pre-Series A Funding From Mancer Consulting Founders, a Hyderabad based start-up that helps companies filter programmers through its technical assessment platform and hackathons proudly announced today that they have raised an undisclosed Pre Series A funding, led by Satya D Sinha and Gyanendra Singh, Founders of Mancer consulting

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“The Devil Is In The Detail,” Venture Capitalists React To Budget 2017.

If we had to sum up the venture capitalist (VC) reaction to budget, we would have to say it was as lukewarm as the budget proposals covering startups. Most of their concern was around the still unpractical if not confusing tax regimes.

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Catch 40+ Post-Budget Reactions 2017-18: Startups & Corporates

Since start-ups often do not generate any profits for the first few years of their operations, increasing the consideration period to seven years will benefit more start-ups and promote entrepreneurship across the country.

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