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Vikram Upadhyaya, Chief Evangelist at GHV Accelerator.

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Why Value Creation Is Vital To Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs that work and act on the rather parochial vision of fostering expectations, subject, not only their companies but also dreams, to decisions that can prove to be difficult to undo. However, value creation understandably poses no risk or harm to business.

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Is the Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence Reducing Our Natural Intelligence?

Given their scope in future, the scientists have now started focusing on incorporating Deep Learning and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) in AI to allow machines to ‘genuinely understand and respond’ like humans.

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The Challenge of Being Your Own Boss

Staying motivated is one of the major challenges. Micromanaging everything with no one over your head constantly, can be difficult.

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Why Must Every Entrepreneur Practice "HoRenSo"?

HoRenSo is most frequently practiced in Japanese businesses, but as a recipe for effectiveness and competence, almost any company – startup or established can take advantage of it.

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How the Customer's Ability and Willingness to Pay Affects Business

A startup should understand the customer’s willingness-to-pay before any negotiations take place; it should enforce strategies to understand their price during the conciliation.

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You Can Go Far With Your Startup Only If You have the Basics Right

The current spate of events at Ola and Uber are threatening thousands of livelihoods. They clearly focused on scaling up too soon, even before their business model could be validated.

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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should be Prepared for Before Starting Up

With proper ground work, startups stand a better chance to hit the bullseye and become a sustainable business.

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How Co-Working Spaces have Changed the Way Entrepreneurs Function

Co-working spaces give you an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas and feedback with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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