Swadeep Srivastava

Dr Swdaeep Srivastva is a Public Health Expert with about 25 years experience working in ‘Healthcare Communications’ & ‘Health Awareness & Patient Education Space’ as Founder & Mentor @ HEAL & also runs a ‘Patients Management Program’ as Founder & Chief Belief Officer @India Virtual Hospital.

Latest Articles By Swadeep Srivastava

Reinventing Healthcare With Technology

One of the most painful parts of medical treatment – surgery – too is being made less painful now, thanks to the use of robotics.

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Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing Indian Healthcare?

Healthcare Start-ups are bridging the gap between healthcare service providers and end-users through applications and social networks, robots, state-of-the-art technologies and devices

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5 Must Knows for a Health Tech Startup

Generally, India takes one to one-and-a-half decades to catch up with technology trends emanating out of the US!

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