Sudhir Gupta

Sudhir has extensive professional experience of over 40 years. He completed his Electrical Engineering degree from MS University Baroda and started his career as at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. He then moved to industry and has held senior positions in leading organizations like DCM Data Systems, Uptron, Honeywell and Airtel. Subsequently he was Director Software Development Engineering at Comverse. Currently he is supporting social sector organizations and startups.

Latest Articles By Sudhir Gupta

Artificial Intelligence, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and What It Means for India

History shows that every technological wave leads to a churning of the job market. India could not take advantage of the first two industrial revolutions due to British subjugation.

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Machine Learning and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

So what exactly can we expect from AI in the near term. The class of problems that are best suited for AI solutions are those that involve classification and prediction. Once a AI algorithm has been trained on training data it can be used to process actual data and present results.

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ASEAN Represents Significant Business Opportunity For Indian Startups

India signed a free trade agreement with ASEAN in 2009. This is know as the ASEAN–India Free Trade Area (AIFTA). Since then India has been strengthening it's relationship with ASEAN which has got a further boost with the 'Act East' policy of the current government.

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