Sudarshan Motwani

Sudarshan Motwani is the founder and CEO of BookMyForex. Widely regarded as a pioneer in the foreign exchange space in India, he has introduced several new products and delivery channel innovations throughout his illustrious banking career of over 30 years. At BookMyForex, Sudarshan focusses on simplifying and bringing maximum transparency in the retail forex and remittance space. He is deeply committed to offering the best value and the highest degree of convenience to customers through his venture.

Latest Articles By Sudarshan Motwani

A Guide to Outward Remittances for Education Abroad

Foreign exchange decisions should be an integral part of your long-term foreign study plans and should never be left to the last minute.

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Pros and Cons of the Ban on 500 & 1000 Rupee Notes

There is a parallel economy run on Black money and this decision is a massive setback to them. They were given enough time to declare their income but they continued ignoring and not paying Tax for this income.

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