Sashi Reddi

Sashi Reddi is Managing Partner of SRI Capital, an early stage venture capital fund.

Latest Articles By Sashi Reddi

Walmart Just Created Flipkartel—the Flipkart Mafia!

They made a massive amount of money and we should all be proud of the success of our IIT Delhi alums!

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India Should Ban Facebook (and WhatsApp)

It is now clear that Facebook has been giving access to our personal data to random firms who have exploited that data to conduct possibly illegal activities such as interfering with US elections.

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No Need to Fear the Public Markets

If there is one category of investor that adds real value to the economy, it is the investor in private equity.

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1.2 Billion Reasons Demonetization Makes Sense

Demonetization, in the final analysis, is not really about demonetization. It is the willingness to accept the dire straits we are in, and showing that we are prepared to now do whatever it takes to catch up with the rest of the world.

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