Sandip Chhettri

The author is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TradeIndia

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Empowering Rural MSME Landscape Through Technology

Lack of collateral and credit history impact MSMEs who are looking to access credit from traditional banks. In a situation like this, there are competent players in the NBFC and FinTech sectors that can help solve this problem from its roots

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Indian MSMEs: Seamless Credit To Facilitate Vision Of $5 Tn Economy

With key contributions to the Indian economy, including gross domestic product (GDP), exports and employment, MSMEs can boost the USD 5 trillion economy dream – if its cash flow issues are resolved

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How Virtual Events/Expos Are Shifting The Gears Of B2B Marketing In The New Normal

A Mckinsey report reveals that B2B buyers are increasingly zeroing in on digital channels as a preferred point of contact between them and their potential stakeholders.

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