Ravi Bhushan

Ravi Bhushan, Group Chief Product and Technology Officer of, and, is an industry expert with close to 12 years of experience in technology and digital domains. He came onboard as a Vice President with key focus on enhancing product and technology functions. In his current role, Ravi spearheads new-age technology innovations to strengthen the ground product, design and engineering aspects.

Latest Articles By Ravi Bhushan

Technology Trends for 2018 Residential Real Estate Industry

Bitcoin took 2017 by storm with about 12,000 transactions per hour on average. In 2018, the blockchain, the underlying technology behind bitcoin, is expected to attract all eyeballs.

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Advanced Modelling System in the Visualization Space

When we look deep into the technologies that lead to magnificent visuals on large displays or head mounted immersive displays, we can divide it broadly into three categories - Data capture, Data processing and Visualization.

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Technologies that will Shape the Future of How Content is Served in Real Estate

Digitizing client meetings using this technology can not only standardize real estate sales and provide an awe experience for the clients but also generate necessary big data to benefit the industry as a whole.

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Data Analytics, the Need of the Hour

Many a times, it is assumed that data analytics is a technique exercised by the product managers to gain insights about their users. But it has broader applications, say for instance one can use it for marketing benefits as well.

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You Can’t but Machine Learning Can Stop Fake Real Estate Listings

Physically checking out each housing listing is impossible in vast India, but machine learning might just make that possible.

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React Native – The New Way to Create Apps

The best part of React Native is that it does not compromise on the quality of the app. Some of the very popular apps from well-known brands like Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb and Bloomberg have clearly demonstrated the success with this approach.

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RERA: How Will This Change the Digital Real Estate Landscape in India?

RERA regime provides abundant information as well as gives confidence on accuracy of information.

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Machine Learning Arrives in Real Estate: Opens Up Door to Cost Efficiency and Productivity Improvements

There are many more similar opportunities for companies to reinvent some of the traditional solutions resulting into more cost effective and efficient outcome.

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Not Just Lead Generation: Real Estate Portals Getting Smarter Using N=1 Level Personalization

Leads are the core currency for digital real estate platforms, unfortunately most of them treat leads as an information set of email and/or phone numbers.

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Artificial Intelligence: Disrupting the Real Estate Sector

As a sector, real estate has always been a little more conventional, both from a consumer and a supplier perspective.

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