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Business Finance Management = Positive Cash-Flows

Business finance management software enables the automatic calculation of the inflows and outflows of the business and helps entrepreneurs to be on top of their cash flow management systems.

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10 Reasons Why SMEs Should Invest In Digital

A significant advantage of digitization is that these features are not restricted only to computers but are also available in a mobile version. That lets the owner have any time and easy access

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How digital lending can help SMEs grow their business rapidly

The fundamental cause for the lack of credit from banking institutions is the absence of a proper credit score and credit history, both of which are mandatory requirements while applying for a loan

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The Need For Sound Regulations To Streamline Crypto Currency In India

Crypto-currency, though highly volatile in nature has the ability to take the investment market by storm, resulting in lucrative trading and investment options for investors. That being said, a blanket ban on crypto-currency may backfire on the Indian economy, at a time when the country is grappling with a slow-growing economy

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How Are The Fintech Companies Overcoming The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Digital Payment and FinTech companies have been one of the fastest adapters in this COVID-19 situation.

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