Hardik Harsora

Hardik Harsora is the Co-Founder of Effex Business Solutions.

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The Crucial Step Every Successful Company Takes to Form a Business Strategy

Imagine your product or service selling through the cheapest and most effective marketing technique - word of mouth. Imagine not having to worry about low sales figures regardless of market conditions.

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5 Key Metrics That Will Propel Your Business to the Next Level

Every successful company has answered this question. its time you found it for your business too.

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When Will E-commerce Help India Move Towards Progress?

No wonder Worldpay predicts that by 2034, India is set to become the world’s second largest e-commerce market.

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Budget Expectations of The Indian SME Sector

While the union government continues to float policies and schemes to smoothen business challenges for the SME, there are further hopes from the Union Budget this year.

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