Dr Saarthak Bakshi

The author is CEO, International Fertility Centre

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Challenges To Business Success In The 21st Century

Challenges are inevitable in businesses but these factors must be met effectively in the business markets of the 21st century.

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Personal Success Mantra’s For Startups

The existing competitors in the market, demand and supply chains, risk, legal changes and technological advancements contribute effectively in making or breaking of a startup.

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Turning Ideas Into Reality Takes Courage

Here are a few tips that personally boost the courage of the Entrepreneur:

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The Emergence Of Entrepreneurship In The Health Sector

To preserve and protect the interest of the consumers, the healthcare sector of the country desires to evade the problem of greed and corrupt practices

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Rise of Healthcare Business in India

The Healthcare Business is all set to conquer the markets with investors readily available to invest in this sector as India is full of prospects in the medical industry as it is one of the fastest growing sectors

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How IoT Has Been Changing The Face Of Business

Internet of Things is infusing brains into machines and pushing the business to develop unfathomable relations with its customers

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