Deepmalya Datta

A B.Tech (ECE) and MBA with professional experience of over 14 years in the oil/gas/petroleum sector. Presently working with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, a Fortune 500 Company. Broadly as a researcher, interested in strategic studies in energy transitions due to VUCA challenges posed by depleting fossil fuel reserves and emerging alternatives.

Latest Articles By Deepmalya Datta

Fostering Entrepreneurialism Through Policy Interventions

To gain perspective in the Indian context, it’s worth recalling that even the Gods had to churn the cosmic ocean to get the elixir!

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Climbing up the ladder in a VUCA world of energy transition

To suffuse the existing disparity shall be instrumental in holistic achievement of all initiatives undertaken for the adoptive and sustainable transition to cleaner fuels at all levels of the societal strata. Let us then affirm our resolve to climb the ladder in this VUCA world of energy transition.

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