Ashish Panday

Ashish is Member of ICSI & Graduate in Economics. He is associated with M/s Uniserve Knowledge Foundation (ÜKF") in his capacity as Head of Legal & Secretarial Committee.

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The BSEPS, the Double Decker and the Foreign Funding - 3 Words Startup Need to Worry About

The European countries such as Germany, France, Ireland, Korea, Netherlands and Luxembourg, with whom the Indian Government has entered the tax treaties, allow International PE firm to use similar structure and escape the Taxation in India by providing safeguard if a pooling vehicle invests in India through another company registered in these destinations.

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Rise of FinTech: Their Social Responsibility and the Dilemma, Regulators are Carrying On

The future of the FinTech industry will not be shaped by market adoption and technological advances alone. The role of the government in fostering FinTech and steering it in the direction.

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Want to Shut Your Nonoperative Startup : You Can Do it in a Month Only

It was a time when many people entered in innovation, E-Com, M-com, few got success but many not and those who don’t had to shut down their business. Running a company without a business became a burden for them.

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SEBI’s Innovative Plan : Keep Startup in Queues as Govt to People in Front of ATM

SEBI in past have a long list of failed attempt to bring startup companies and investors on its IT Platform (refer our previous article for portal named “Will SEBI's New Efforts Be Able to Attract Listing of Startups”) and AIF, SME and surprisingly this move is an another step only in opposite direction.

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EBCC & Staava Workshop for Manufacturing Startups & SMEs at Jagdishpur, Uttar Pradesh

Emerging Businesses Chamber of Commerce is an organization dedicated to serving local entrepreneurs and building local competencies in Jagdishpur for prosperous growth of the area and the State of Uttar Pradesh.

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The Invisible: Inside Jabong Story

Mr. Aniket, as being said by the sources, was the legal brain who created all major policies , in fact it is also rumoured that he advised Jabong to hive off logistics business as a operate entity because of FDI related complications.

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Foreigen Exchange Volatility : Game Spoiler For Startup Story

Budgeting for an International Business Management ties come from hard thinking, careful planning, and, frequently, large outlays for research and development and must be implemented carefully.

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Insolvency Laws in India: Need For Immediate Reforms

Unlike in US or in some other developed economy, India does not have a composite law to deal with Bankruptcy, but different-different enactments are there to deal with various portion of it.

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