Ankit Kedia

Founder and Lead Investor, Capital A

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A Lookback At SVB Crisis: Diversify Banking Partners To Mitigate Financial Risks

Investors will take several steps in the year ahead, including slower valuation increases, expecting sustainable growth rates from the ecosystem, cash-burning growth rounds becoming harder to raise, and B2B being preferred over B2C as it is easier to underwrite risks

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Investors Unwilling To Fund Startups, Continue To Focus On Course Correction

Since all the VCs are accountable for the money they put into the ecosystem, focusing on ROI and viability or right-sizing of investments should not be seen as a funding winter. In fact, a number of unicorns have still managed to join the club this year

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Evaluating Early-Stage Startup Potential: An Investors Take

Plenty of investors burned their fingers during the dotcom bubble, and now it goes without saying that evaluating early-stage startup potential has to be a data-driven process.

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