Anisha Aditya

Anisha Aditya leads editorial initiatives at BW Legal, which is the legal publication of BW Businessworld. She is a Management Consultant with specialisation in International Business Strategies, assessment of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements between countries, the impact of preferential access on industries, and global value chains for private companies and governments. She has also assisted in framing state export strategies.

Latest Articles By Anisha Aditya

Mumbai Based The Wedding Brigade Brings Innovative Solutions to the Indian Wedding Industry

According to a report by Business Insider, the wedding industry is estimated as over Rs. 100,000 crore and is growing at 25-30% annually.

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BlaBlaCar Acquires 3 Million Users with Presence 700 Cities in India

BlaBlaCar had raised 1.25 million euros in Series A led by ISAI in 2011, USD 10 million led by Accel Partners in 2012 and USD 100 million led by Index Ventures in 2014. The latest round of funding was in 2015 where BlaBlaCar raised USD 200 million.

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Mumbai Based JustRide is chosen for the Y Combinator Accelerator Program 2016

The team comprises of alumnus from IIT Bombay and NIT Allahabad — Ashwarya Pratap Singh, Hemant Sah, Abhishek Mahajan, Vasant Verma, and Amit Sahu.

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How Do You Understand The Paths of Alternate Professions

The majority understands the idea of a superficial happiness. It is the faster inertia towards being recognized by the world. But to live to our fullest potential, we must become wholesome by who we are and demand our presence for it.

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Kanika Tekriwal : Her Fight Against Cancer And Building a Private Jet Aviation Company

CEO and Co-founder of JetSetGo, Kanika Tekriwal says that the idea was born out of a need of the market for the the lack of transparency and opaque models of private aviation. She believed that if such shortcomings can be resolved, opportunities to scale up a trusted customer base will be limitless.

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How the Thiel Fellow Stacey Ferreira Turned a Tweet to $1M Funding from Richard Branson

Stacey, Scott and Shiv Prakash moved to LA, California to build the MVP of MySocialCloud. Around the same time, she found a tweet from Sir Richard Branson who had tweeted about a cocktail party where people could donate $ 2,000 for social service.

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How Robin Hood Army is Partnering with Restaurants to Serve 1000s of Homeless

The Robin Hood Army has grown to 3500 active volunteers spread across 23 cities in India and Pakistan who have served just short of 400,000 people.

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Kritika Mahindra on Building Art On The Wall to Bring Back Traditional Art

New Delhi based Kritika Mahindra co-founded “Art on the Wall” with an inspiration of pushing forward art of the unsung heroes. She traced such creative artists in every alley and spoke to every person beside the broken pathway to find the redundant artist in them.

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26 Year Old Shrimoyee Chakravorty Brings the Flavours of Calcutta Street to London

26 year old Shrimoyee Chakravorty, was the first from her time to take the flavours of Kolkata to London. Embarking on the Bengali cuisine, she started with her food startup Calcutta Street in March 2015.

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Award Winning “Taste With Kevin Longa” On Building Food Documentaries Across Continents

On 14th July 2015, Longa launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the post-production editing of the first part, “TASTE: Europe,” which will premiere in 2016.

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