Amol Dani

The author is a Co-founder and CEO at Keybridge Global Education

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Edtech 2.0: Prioritise Purpose Over Ambition, Value Over Valuation And Impact Over Fame

The key issue with Edtech 1.0 was that it focused on the product over the learner. This approach needs to change; the edtech industry needs to focus on how learners can apply their knowledge and skills practically to produce favorable outcomes and deliver results

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Funding Startups

There was a time when it was widely believed that “You are worth nothing until you’re profitable”; today this assumption seems flawed. For good, or for bad, media today is abuzz of stories of startups claiming phenomenal valuations and preposterous investments. If media reports are to believed, Flipkart has $2.45 billion, SnapDeal has $1 billion, PayTM has $610 million, Ola has $276.9 million and Quikr has $196 million in investments. What’s actually baffling to many is the fact is that these startups are far from being profitable; their losses are way too much. Obviously one can’t help but wonder as to why do these loss making enterprising are receiving such significant investments?

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