Anupam Sanghi

With over 16 successful years practicing laws related to businesses – controversies over Government Levies, Telecom & Media Disputes, IP/ Technology Law, Competition, Regulatory & Commercial disputes, Anupam has sharpened her focus on analyzing Govt. Policies & Regulatory framework to render sector specific guidance.

Latest Articles By Anupam Sanghi

You Don’t Want to Get a Rough Ride Like OLA

Start Ups like OLA engage the top law firms and also have in house legal teams – so they are not living in the world of the ‘uninformed’ but its more like living in the world of ‘mis-informed’ ( usually attributed to consumers of media )

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Why is the Government Interfering in the Pricing of eCommerce?

Is there any economic basis to assume discounting by e-commerce amounts to predatory pricing? Or is it a ‘fear’ being inculcated by the opposing lobby?

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