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Hyperscale The Startup, Not The Market

The Indian startup ecosystem has seen a lot of ups and downs in this past year. Experts analyse startup trends and offer advice on navigating economic downturn during the TiE BCG Times Report launch

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Cash Is King: Dynamics For Early Stage Startups

All experts found that raising and burning through the capital was a temporary phase and concluded that a ‘profit-first’ mindset was crucial to building a successful business

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Piecing Together The Jigsaw

Examining how research-backed startups became a success story

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Establishing Digital Trust

Despite major strides in tech, many parts of the country continue to carry doubts

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Role Of Enablers In Creating Social Impact

Education is at the crux of the development of our value system

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Nexgen: The Torch Bearers

Youth today are more active in the social space and creating opportunities for others who want to participate

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Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Leadership

Experts discuss the importance of nurturing empathy, sensitivity and understanding in future leaders

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Preparing Technology For The Future

While technological progress is ongoing, it is critical for us as a society to ensure no one gets left behind and the opportunities truly are available and accessible to all.

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Failure: The Quickest Path To Successful Entrepreneurship

The most important lessons we learn are usually the simplest ones or so global leaders managing billion-dollar companies believe. Alok B Shriram, CEO & Senior MD, DCM Shriram Industries; Nirmal K Minda, Chairman & MD, Minda Industries; and Surendra Kr. Arya, Chairman, JBM Group talk about their journey from ground zero, their failures and the lessons they learned along the way.

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Internet Of Things And The Future of Start-ups: Is It Here To Stay?

“There are so many dimensions data can be collected and data is collected, using IoT. The data is used for immediate attention, so you have to put the data under certain checks. This is called event processing.”

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