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The author is working as Sr Correspondent with BW Businessworld and BW People

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After Startups, Is The Layoff Wave Growing In Corporates Now?

Both Twitter and Meta are currently overshadowed by bad publicity, loss of knowledge, weakened engagement, higher voluntary turnover, and lower innovation

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5ire: Bridging Blockchain And Sustainability

Gauri is of the firm belief that sustainability can actually define and refine profitability in any business

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The Startup Layoff Game Continues

Fear of Covid once again seems to be raising its ugly head and does not appear to have gone away as we had imagined on the one hand. The employees are on the other hand showing great reluctance to physically report to work with further insistence on behaviours reflecting the 'Great Resignation'

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Technology As Key Enabler Of India’s Growth

Technology hasn’t only been one of the fastest growing industries – directly creating millions of jobs – but it has also been an important enabler of innovation and development

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Tackling The Road Crash Crisis At Scale

Road safety is a public health emergency, endangering lives and livelihoods globally and is an issue that requires immediate attention. Both the ZFC model and the Good Samaritan Law provide the necessary framework for making roads safer

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Impact of CSR On Non-Profits And Sustainable Development

In many ways, corporate social responsibility has become an expectation among organisational leaders and stakeholders

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Building Workplaces Where Women Thrive

According to a recent report, men working remotely with children were promoted three times more than women with children in 2020

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“It’s A Great Time To Be An Investor And An Entrepreneur In India”

The Purplle backer has recently announced the first close of its Fund 3 at Rs1,608 crores ($214 mn). Of which Two-thirds of the Fund 3 has been raised from its existing investors

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Much Awaited Times For Entrepreneurs

Over the past few decades since liberalisation, a number of trends have begun converging and leading to a critical mass of the elements needed for a breakout in entrepreneurship. Today the time is such that technology has reached the to the very bottom of the pyramid and therefore the government too has realised that the next set of transformations is awaited through present-day entrepreneurs.

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COVID Proves To Be A Turning Point In Fintech Space

BW Businessworld’s Chairman and Editor-in-chief Dr. Anurag Batra’s Fireside chat with Srinath Sridharan, Independent Market Commentator & Member of Governing Council, FinTech Association for Consumer Empowerment was truly a power-packed show where they openly talk about how fintech players will actually craft the future of our country.

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