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The author is a Trainee Correspondent with BW Businessworld

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Indian Fintech Serves Global Demand, Says MoS Finance

Underlining the government's fintech-driven initiatives such as the Jan Dhan Scheme and the JAM Trinity, Karad said they have had a positive impact on over 50 crore individuals, with the total deposit exceeding Rs 2 lakh crore

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Fintech A Game-Changer Driving India’s Inclusion And E-Governance: IFSCA Chairperson

Additionally, India has enabled biometric identities for nearly 1.4 billion people, connecting nearly 1.2 billion of its citizens through the 4G and now 5G networks, he said

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Insurance Sector To Leverage AI: IRDAI Chairperson

The IRDAI Chairperson shared, “While developing countries are still drawing cheques, our country has already harnessed the power of ‘Direct Benefits Transfer’

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India's Tech-economy Boom, What Experts Opine

The tech – economy is defined as the science of modeling technological changes, the markets and value creation including business models

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Web 3.0 To Reinvent Timeworn Industry Practices, Say Experts

Web3 payments is coming out to be a viable option but more than that it is not limited to finance or gaming. The top-level leaders are reviewing their older strategies across the segments i.e. healthcare, fashion, ecommerce and more

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Amid Uncertainty Over Crypto Regulations, Investors Remain Bullish

Positive implications of crypto in India include financial inclusion, investment opportunities, innovation in technology, and potential economic growth

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Today, Internet Is Mature & Open To Many Possible Opportunities: CEO, NIXI

He said that PM Modi’s call for startups in India has received a huge response with more than 85,000 new startups, and IT, the Internet and other digital startups comprising 26,000 in number highlights the internet and service as the most happening part of the country’s economy

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Layoffs In Tech: A Boon For Other Working Sectors

Companies in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, F&B, Hospitality, Automobile, e-Commerce, Education, Retail and many others are leaving no stone unturned in utilising skilled ‘IT Talent’ for their progress

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Product Diversification Can Survive Market Slowdown, Say Experts

Founders from various segments of D2C sectors ponder that companies are encouraged to switch to quick commerce for better visibility and avoid burning through their finances

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