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Soumya leads the editorial mandate of BW Marketing World, covering everything around the Indian media, marketing and advertising fraternity.

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More Than 70% Of Our Biz Comes From Repeat Customers: Ritesh Aggarwal, OYO

He credits technology and people as the two key pillars for any company to scale up for the better

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We Provide High Quality At Lower Cost As Our CAC Is Cheap: Akhil Gupta, NoBroker

Having touched 2 crore customers recently, NoBroker closes about Rs 50-60 thousand deals and sells 5-7 thousand houses on its platform monthly

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Logistics: The Wind Beneath D2C’s Wings

Streamlining business logistics is one of the most vital aspects, especially after these uncertain times. Read how the logistic companies are augmenting the growth of online businesses, overcoming all hardships efficiently

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Leveraging Tech Disruptions And Trends

The importance of technology in business cannot be understated. Companies worldwide are relying on emerging technologies to help improve their competitive advantage and drive strategy and growth

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Only When Someone Risks His Life, Do People Listen: Sadhguru

Talking of his 'Save Soil' initiative, Sadhguru advices taking action now to bring about a significant change. It may just be impossible to reverse things later, if we ignore this opportunity today

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Impact Of Change - Acceptance And Ignorance

For Karnik, there is no fixed formula or right time to initiate this change. He emphasises how one must learn to deal with different situations and approve the changes that come alongside

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Navigating The Glass Cliff

Experts share their aspirational stories & life lessons, exuding a positive sentiment for women around them to never feel daunted or underconfident

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Building Big Impactful Startups

Experts share how passion, perseverance, customers' convenience and an achievable goal can take your budding startup to newer heights

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Open Innovation: The Beacon Of Businesses

The literature on entrepreneurship has increasingly developed around a framework of openness. Experts discuss how they are harnessing the power of open innovation in the current times

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We Are In The Business Of Spotting Talent: Sudhir Sethi, Chiratae Ventures

Meeting nearly 300 entrepreneurs in a year, the firm believes to be in the business of trust, not money.

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