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The author is a Trainee Journalist with BW Businessworld

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Curating Seamless B2B User Experience In Trucking Business

Ramasubramaniam B, Co-Founder and COO, Blackbuck Logistics states, "We have been focussing on making the experience seamless for a trucker, whether it is finding loads or managing fuel payments, e-tolling or monitoring his truck with telematics"

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Payment Vision 2025 Will Bring Paradigm Shift In Digital Payments’ Ecosystem

The main theme of the vision document is e-payment for all, everywhere, at all times

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Let's Make A MSME Dominated Economy

Micro, small and medium enterprises Day is celebrated on 27th June every year across the world with the aim to appreciate the contribution of MSMEs in increasing the country's economic growth

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Digital Rupee: How Will It Bring A Change?

The idea of a central bank digital cash (CBDC) has went forward movement lately, with a rising number of central banks declaring endeavors to investigate CBDC use plans

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Rakhi Khera Puts How Mompreneurs Manage All At Ease

Rakhi Khera of Abiti Bella Enterprises, a western wear and maternity wear brand, has walked a milestone of success developing herself from a home-maker to entrepreneur

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Gender Lens In Creating Meaningful Social Impact

A woman is a source of bringing a change or building an atmosphere at home as well as in society

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Work-Life Integration--How Founders Do it?

Work-Life Integration involves both professional and personal responsibilities that can sound a bit tough for working women, either employees or founders. This has been discussed by some of the influencing women entrepreneurs who manage their work-life integration successfully

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