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“Our Long-Term Vision is to Make Dyroms a Google for Animal Healthcare’- Says Dyroms Co-Founders

Currently, we are associated with 45 doctors across Delhi NCR and some parts of Haryana and have generated more than 12,500 prescriptions through our system which constitutes to 6200 pet parents and 6500 Pets. Now we are expanding to Jaipur and Udaipur area followed by some 6 more major cities across North India.

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An investment Platform For informed Investors To Make The Right Decisions – ORO Wealth

Offering comprehensive financial advisory services ORO is one of India’s first 0 commissions’ platform for buying direct mutual funds.

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Sahil Arora- A 17 Year-Old- Entrepreneur Plans to Launch an Incubation-Hub Next After Path-Breaking Technology Eye-D

Always believe in yourself. Remember, it’s always, ‘I, Me, and Myself’. Never let others judge you! When I start a product I look at it as a completely new thing and all the funding for that product is used in that particular product only.

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Rubique - Aims to Become the Largest Online Marketplace For Financial Products

We facilitate the best deals across a wide range of loans such as Personal Loans, Car Loans, Home Loans, Business Loans, Loans Against Property, Credit Cards, Healthcare and Construction equipment financing etc. We cater to the needs of individuals as well as small business owners. We have 160 product agreements across loan & credit card products.

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FeltSo - An AI Engine That Reads Tons of Customer Reviews and Gives in Depth Analysis of Their Opinions on a Product

Santosh Thota, Founder and CEO, FeltSo shares with BW Disrupt on how their platform takes thousands of reviews from across the web, strip it bare and presents only the highlights or the summaries of what the consumer really wants.

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Fisdom- Make Your Money Work For You!

Subramanya S V, Co-Founder, Fisdom talks to BW Disrupt about the features of Fisdom, challenges faced and how business owners/ working class can manage their long-term financial goals

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Through a Virtual-Inventory Model, We are Able to Pass on Savings of up to 40% to Consumers - Nabarun Chakraborty, Co- Founder and CEO, Ornativa

The majority of customer segment is youth between 16-35 years, who are mostly fresh out of college and young working professionals.

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A Solution to the “Reconciliation” Pain Point of the eCommerce Seller Ecosystem- DSYH

The funds of $250,000 will be primarily used in shoring up technology infrastructure, technology & customer support team.

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Clueless About What's Happening, Where? Brisky is Your Guide For an Eventful Night!

Brisky is not merely an information listing platform, it is your personal concierge for Nightlife. Brisky is like your friend who understands your preferences and accordingly suggests you events that you might like.

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The Shift From Paper to Digital – Signzy, Contracting Made Easy!

Offering a digital on-boarding solution for banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions, Signzy uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and advanced cryptography we can ensure that digital compliance is convenient but yet secure.

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