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Fantasy Sports And The Gaming Industry In India Is Expected To Grow To INR 118.8 Billion By FY23

IFSG and KPMG launched a report on ‘The Evolving Landscape of Sports Gaming in India’. The report stated that the industry is expected to grow at INR 118.8 billion in India by FY23.

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Etsy Connects 35 Million Buyers To 2 Million Entrepreneurs Worldwide

MSMEs in India are playing a vital role in increasing the country's economy. A marketplace created by Etsy has connected buyers and entrepreneurs on one platform giving scope to other creative businesses.

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'Anticipating Immense Potential From Indian Market And Its Future Leaders' - Rachael Jarosh, President & CEO, Enactus

Rachael Jarosh, President & CEO, Enactus on her second visit to India in an interview with BW Businessworld states the importance of strengthening their programs along with developing the community of student, academic and business leaders

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The Indian Startup Community Gains Attraction from Investors Across India!

The Startup Investors Summit 2017 brings mentors and investors from all over country to witness the potential of the Indian startup ecosystem and the developments made by them in the year 2017. The SIS 2017 platform aims at bringing in foreign businesses here and connecting them with startups producing innovative products and services from all industries.

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SapientRazorfish Pursues Technological Growth in the Insurance Sector

SapientRazorfish is innovating and pursuing technological growth in the insurance industry. Yogita Khaitan, Director, Program Management, SapientRazorfish discusses the digital transformation in India and its effect on the insurance sector.

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PayPal Enters Into Digital Payments Market Of India

With a customer base of 218 million across the globe and an experience of 20 years in digital payments, PayPal enters into the Indian market

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‘India Can Win War In Fintech By Focusing On Manpower, Money, Market Access’

Top industry experts representing the fintech category come together to discuss the future of the country with new technology for banks and other financial institutions at the BW Businessworld Fintech Summit 2017

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Fintech Can Enable Billion People To Be More Productive: Samant Sikka

The BW Businessworld Fintech Summit 2017 called on an exciting panel discussions based on the scope and opportunities for collaboration

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'There Are 5 And A Half Crore Micro Enterprises Off Funding'

MSME's in India have been going through a change in the ecosystem due to rise of Fintech startups. The panel at BW Businessworld Fintech Summit 2017 discussed about banking at scale

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“We Are India's Biggest Health And Fitness Application”

HealthifyMe, India’s health and fitness application receive a 4.5 rating on PlayStore and iTunes

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