eMediNexus - A Doctor's Networking Platform to Sharpen Their Clinical Skills

In the future, we will be stepping up our marketing efforts to increase our user base and will be continuously innovating with the technology in order to give the doctors the best possible experience.

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eMediNexus is a doctors networking platform available on the web, android and ios stores with a key focus on healthcare advocacy and on updating the knowledge of the doctors. The startup was founded in August 2015 by Nilesh Aggarwal and Amit Sharma.

Sujata Sangwan Interacts With Nilesh Aggarwal, Co-Founder, eMediNexus and Spoke to Him

Problem addressed by eMediNexus

With the rapid pace of how medicine is evolving, it is imperative for doctors to be updated with the latest news, technologies, procedures, drugs and information. The enormous doctor to population shortfall in India means that doctors in India see on average 10 times the number of patients in comparison to their Western counterparts thereby giving them very less time to undertake the traditional methods of updating their knowledge such as reading text books, attending conferences etc.

eMediNexus fills this void by summarizing and bringing to the doctor the latest 24 hours in medicine. The company provide a platform for the doctor to ask for second opinions, to refer patients, to share interesting cases and to chat privately and publicly with other colleagues.

We bring the doctor updates from a majority of the national medical conferences, which he/she might not have been able to attend in order to keep him/her updated. We have a medico-legal advisory service where doctors can ask questions which are answered by top medico-legal experts. Lastly, we also help connect doctors to their work peers and alumni. We are also an advocacy platform wherein we fight for doctors rights and stand up for their causes.

How did the idea came to start?

A mutual friend, Vikram Joshi who is the CEO of Hospital Infra Solutions introduced Amit to me. Amit had been fascinated with this idea after having seen it blossom in the U.S and had a business plan prepared for the same. I had also dabbled on this idea with a friend in 2009 however did not move forward since digitization amongst doctors was extremely poor at that stage.

What are the special key features of eMediNexus?

Doctors come to our platform to read/watch the latest news, journal updates, policy updates, drug updates, and association updates etc. We strive to cover as many of these updates of the last 24 hours and our world class medical team summarizes them into crisp abstracts to save the time of the doctor

We are also the webcast partners of the Indian Medical Association and host their weekly webcasts that are watched by thousands of doctors.

We have a medico-legal advisory forum and update doctors on medico legal issues daily. They can also ask any medico-legal questions which our experts answer promptly.

Doctors also come to our platform to seek second opinions from top Key Opinion Leaders on their patient management and treatment thereby improving overall patient care in India. Doctors can also refer patients to others privately through our private messaging feature.

We attend a majority of the national medical conferences and have a conferences page where doctors get summaries of a majority of sessions that were conducted.

How are you different from the existing ones?

We have 4-5 competitors in India. Our main differentiating advantage is that we have Dr K.K Aggarwal, as our Group Editor in Chief. We are backed by the IJCP Group, which has been at the forefront of medical communications for the past 25 years and understands what doctors want and need. We also have a world class medical team which delivers the most crisp and relevant content thereby saving the doctors’ precious time.

We are also the only platform that offers medico-legal advisory and Indian Medical Association Webcasts. We also have a differentiating groups feature for more targeted discussions amongst doctors. We are the only platform that provides real time conference updates.


We are backed by the IJCP Group and have not raised any funding yet.


We have already started monetizing through advertisements on our weekly specialty newsletters as well as on eMediNews. We are also monetizing by running surveys for healthcare companies

In the future, we will monetize using more targeted advertisements on our portal and communications. In addition to this, we will also make available services like will also monetize through hospital and healthcare recruitment, healthcare consulting, and healthcare event registrations amongst others.


We faced technology related issues in the beginning because of a lack of a tech co-founder. We also faced challenges with respect to the UI/UX design.

Traction details

We have more than 40,000 registered users combined from our android app and website. We have over 4000 + unique doctor visits daily. We already have 3 pharmaceutical clients working with us.

In the future, we will be stepping up our marketing efforts to increase our user base and will be continuously innovating with the technology in order to give the doctors the best possible experience.

Share your advice for new entrants in this space...

My advice would be for the founding team to have experience across both technology and healthcare industries. Would also advise them not to just form a startup with an aim of receiving funding but to build a product that they feel they can bootstrap and make successful without an injection of external funds.

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