ah! Ventures Invests in Marketing Platform Corefactors

Corefactors had raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding during 2016 from Angel Investors and built most of the marketing and communication technologies inhouse.

Corefactors, Head quartered in Bengaluru, an Integrated Multichannel Marketing, Communication & Sales platform for SMB and Campaign management platform for Corporates has raised an undisclosed amount in Pre-series A funding from ah! Ventures. The company plans to use the fund for branding, marketing and expand its reach in other geographies. 

Corefactors solves marketing, sales and communication problems of small and medium business. Most traditional solutions are ineffective and doesn’t offer integrated experience which leads to failure of marketing and further sales and business. Thus, Corefactors enables integrated multi-channel marketing while solving list cleanup, content development, lead management & nurturing and ROI visualization problems. 

Corefactors offers custom solutions to large manufacturing and corporates for managing their campaigns across channels. It enables decision making analytics along with custom solutions. Corefactors works with more than 25 corporates for their custom communication needs. 

Corefactors also offers industry solutions for Insurance Agents and Fitness. Industry solutions for Hiring, Saloons, Training, Diagnosis Centre and real estate are in progress and expected to get released by mid of 2018. 

Founder & CEO of Corefactors, Sharmila stated “Back in 2013 we started our journey by reselling the existing marketing solutions available across India. Over the span of 8 months we would have served 50 to 60 clients. By that we found many interesting problems that customer face in sales and marketing space. We as a technically strong team thought of integrating existing solutions available in market to address critical sales and marketing challenges. On the go we realized integration alone is not a remedy for the problem that customer face. 

I started my career as business development associate. Luckily, I had chances to meet lot of clients starting from sales manager, marketing manager, head - sales and marketing, MD, CEO, etc. with them I understood they are using Multiple application for entire business functions. 

Let’s say if they want to run any marketing campaigns they want the content to be designed by content writer, if they want design any landing page they need third party application, if they need database they want purchase data from database vendor, if they want to run email or social media campaigns they need graphic designer in places, for measuring sales team success they need CRM /Excel sheets and much more. they are tired of using multiple applications. With this they couldn’t visualize the ROI and they couldn’t scale up properly. So here comes the spark. We thought why not we provide end to end solution. That’s how teleduce born. It provides seamless experience from marketing till lead conversion. 

Our platform is evolving everyday along with customers Inputs. Currently we work with 1000+ customers across Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. We work with a vision “Solve customer problems, never let it stay back”. 

Corefactors had raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding during 2016 from Angel Investors and built most of the marketing and communication technologies inhouse. Corefactors has key partnerships with leading telecom operators and channel partners to establish a strong customer base across regions. 

Mr Yusuf Hatim, Entrepreneur & Investor Stated “Corefactors is targeting right set of marketing problems, especially for small and medium business segment. Their strategy towards creating a flavor of their existing platforms Teleduce to campaign solutions for corporates and industry solutions has created unique interest. Their goals and key metrics focus on profitability and customer value. Wishing them all the best for great achievements”.

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