Zomato Eyeing To Expand Intercity Delivery Offering

Zomato has expanded its intercity legend services to Bangalore, Fresh and safety of the food would be the priority and certain about the service to yield profit

Food aggregator Zomato has expanded its Intercity Legends service to Bangalore in addition to its recent experimental launches in South Delhi and Gurugram. Zomato is also certain that the service will turn a profit as it expands.

Intercity Legends has partnered with around 120 restaurants. However, it is currently offering renowned dishes from ten major cities. From Lucknow’s famous Sunday Galawati Kebabs to Kolkata’s decadent Gulab Patti Sandesh, customers can order famous dishes from across the country.

According to the firm, it will venture into new cities as the demand increases.

The company said that ensuring food remains fresh and food safety is maintained is a priority for Zomato, officials further emphasized. Zomato selects the restaurants after extensive scrutinising, ensuring the dishes best exemplify the cuisines of the cities they belong to. Their dishes then go through strict quality and packaging tests, with complete refunds being offered in case of mishaps, officials revealed.

The cost of intercity orders is about 2.5 folds more than normal food delivery orders. The firm also has tie-ups with third-party delivery platforms to complete deliveries within the stipulated time.

Zomato’s intercity partnerships also function similarly to their normal restaurant partnerships. The firm charges commissions as well as delivery charges, however it is higher than that of the normal charges.

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