Writing Experience Helped Me Become A Good Startup Entrepreneur: Karan Bajaj, WhiteHat Jr

Expounding on his life journey, Bajaj added that taking big leaps of faith based on your instincts will eventually connect the dots to achieve extraordinary things

"Life taught me that a one-stream journey leads to a good outcome, but the extraordinary outcomes come from what would appear to many as a drifting and meandering path," said Karan Bajaj, Founder, WhiteHat Jr.

Expounding on his life journey, Bajaj added that when taking big leaps of faith based on your instincts, you will encounter ups and downs, but eventually the dots will connect to achieve extraordinary things. "This does not happen when people follow the conventional path," WhiteHat Jr's Bajaj added.

With his third novel being rejected more than 60 times, the Whitehat Jr founder mentioned that the writing experience made him a good start-up entrepreneur because it normalised rejection for him.

"If you know from inside when your time is up, when whatever you have learned in the particular domain is the maximum you can learn, and if your heart is urging you to take on a huge growth adventure, my life story tells me that adventure is actually the right choice to make," said Karan, reflecting on his unconventional decisions in life.

Speaking on connecting the dots, the novelist shared an anecdote from his life about how Discovery India searched for almost two years to find someone who could actually disrupt their very steady business with strong creative expertise as well as business experience. Finally, they found in him the rare combination of writing experience and business experience, he added.

The founder, emphasising faith in decisions, added that his conviction that the world is more similar than different led to the early launch of Whitehead Junior in the United States and Brazil. This was contrary to the belief of Indian companies, as they prefer to perfect their domestic model for 5–7 years before going international.

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