Wow! Momo Introduces Wow! Momo Essential Services To Quarantined Indians

With increase in competition of delivering essential services, platforms focusing more transparency and hygiene shall survive

Wow! Momo Foods, primarily owning Wow! Momos and Wow! China across cities of India has now delved into essential goods market. With the announcement of its grocery arm ‘Wow! Momo Essential Services’ will now help people to get essential products easily through its new arm. Wow! Momos has collaborated with ITC, Nestle, and P&G on a pan-India level along with its association with Haldiram which will manage its delivery in the country’s eastern belt. The delivery of the essential products will be done by Swiggy's grocery platform. 

Chief Brand Officer, Wow! Momo said, “The essence of brand Wow! Momo is to serve maximum people the maximum number of times. All of our initiatives – including this one – are epicentred on this idea. In the present scheme of things, we are partnering with players from our own ecosystem to expand the scope and efficacy of our current initiatives. However, we are also working closely with NRAI nationally."

Sagar Daryani – CEO and Co-Founder, Wow! Momo also added, “We are also focusing on developing a web-app for enabling our customers to access take-away more conveniently in the future. Most importantly, we are building an in-house model of technology at all levels from food creation to delivery. The aim is to minimize human intervention and maximize perfection of taste along with the quality, speed, and scale of service delivery. We will be integrating state-of-the-art machines to ensure that hygiene is not compromised”.

The brand is currently serving the quarantined populace through 60 Wow! Momo outlets across Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai. In the second phase of the initiative, the brand will extend the services in two more cities – Bhubaneswar and Mumbai – while ramping up the count of servicing outlets to 100.

 With the increase in competition in the delivering essential services sector, the lockdown has led to numerous opportunities for various offline startups to shift to online platforms. However, with better services and fleet management shall with the game. Wow! Momo is reaching out to more than 5,000 migrant workers and daily wagers and providing them with food during the current lockdown.  

On the post-Covid era, Daryani said, “After the pandemic is taken care of, the industry will see a tectonic shift. Social distancing is here to stay and at the same time building loyalty is only possible by displaying absolute transparency. So, open restaurants, kitchen tours, and knowledge of the ingredients etc. will become the new normal. Further, health and hygiene certification will be mandatory and most importantly the delivery business will (re-)enter the mainstream with greater vigour!”

The brand’s grocery arm is being managed by more than 2800 employees who are making sure that the delivery services are driven seamlessly. The company is taking extra efforts to maintain hygiene for the welfare of the people. Wow! Momo Essentials will be delivering daily essentials including eggs, bread, milk, Maggi, etc.  

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