Worknrby - This HR-Tech Startup Helps You Explore Job Opportunities Near You

Worknrby is currently available on Android platform and is completely free of cost for Job Seekers

Founded by Ashish Agarwal, Worknrby is a Jaipur based HR-Tech startup which is designed to aid the locals with the job search. Any category of small or medium enterprises that are establishing themselves near the local locations, would serve as the best source of job provision to the local people.

There are many applications and job platforms, which provide job search facilities in the popular metro cities in India. But no platforms focused on the hyper-local crowd of the country’s rising cities. Worknrby turned up to excel in providing jobs to the local and nearby job seekers.

This idea behind servicing the locals would also optimize their time and cost of shifting to the major metro cities and help them in managing the cost of living and transportation. With the intention of serving the local areas, people would be able to save their time and money and also the middle-level businesses and industries would soar heights and experience expansion.

Worknrby is currently operational in all the leading metro cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Hyderabad.

The mechanism of the app is designed in a way that the results are discovered by matching the common database of skills, chosen by respective job seekers and employers within nearby vicinity.

Commenting on launching this platform, Mr. Ashish Agarwal, Founder, Worknrby, said, “People spend a lot of time on commutation for the home to work and back. In metro cities, jobs are everywhere and if we can add 1 hour in individual’s life every day I consider it a big success. Worknrby is exactly trying to fill that gap.”

Worknrby is currently available on Android platform and is completely free of cost for Job Seekers. Presently the startup is self-funded and backed by an experienced team of engineers, designers and business executives.

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