Winning Stroke: Interview With DP Vishwakarma Founder Of Keywords Fly

Our growth marketing is a bit similar to this – you get a complimentary consultation round with us where we walk you through the process and then let you sleep over it.

1. Briefly tell us how growth marketing is the new age of online marketing and what makes KeywordsFly different?

Back in the 90s, when our shopping methods were very traditional, reaching out to the audience was the primary concern. Even in 2021, the problem continues to be the same, but our shopping methods have changed. This is the most relevant reason as to why the marketing methods of businesses should change. With the help of "growth marketing," not only you reach the targeted audience but also build a brand that automatically puts your business stand out.

In a simple term, the process of connecting with the right audience on various platforms while building a brand name refers to growth marketing. And KeywordsFly, an online marketing firm in Noida, is home to subject experts who can pull this kind of marketing with almost every service/ product. The years of experience gained by our experts is a testimony to the fact that we don't bow down to the complex environment or dynamics of online marketing; instead, we make the most of every possible opportunity.

2. Can you share some of the unique key points regarding your marketing methods?

The entire method runs on a simple principle – Presence > Drive > Convert > Retain. Its key points are as follows –

● The fact that growth marketing gets your business a persuasive online presence is just the right kick every business needs today.

● Using a wide variety of marketing activities, like SEO, email marketing, online ads, native ads etc., the attracted visitors are converted into potential customers.

● Growth marketing does not leave any chance of getting hold of the targeted customer. Even a cold customer is a lead for a business because every search query is a potential opportunity for your business.

3. What is the monetization model and funding status of your organization?

Our monetization format is simple; we deploy the skills acquired in the past few years and grow the businesses from various verticals. As a self-funded organization, we focus on catering to both B2C & B2B businesses. Our efforts are more inclined towards B2B services, where we deliver the best-in-class consultation and services.

4. How many elite clients have you served using your growth marketing methods?

From reputed media journalists to recognized authors, our team has handled domestic as well as overseas clients. The number is unprecedented. We now have a marketing cycle that benefits almost every kind of business owner or service provider. Since the day we first began our operations, we have never stopped ourselves and turned hurdles into opportunities for all our clients.

5. How do you think online marketing will change in the next five years?

"Change is the new normal today." What the world was before the pandemic is not the same in 2021. Every change has an impact on the way online marketing is done. This means that people worldwide who have adopted the work from home lifestyle are heading more for online shopping. The numbers today say a completely different story. Even in remote areas, people are searching online. Talk about the next five years, I would say the change is early, and businesses must adapt, or the race would be over for them pretty soon.

6. What is the response that you are getting, and do you have any competition?

Response and competition run side by side. We do something; people respond to it either as customers (businesses in our case) or by becoming competitors. Moreover, both are good for us. However, the response from the customers has been positive so far. Besides, patience is not just the key for us but all because Google doesn't work our way and people don't search precisely the way we think. So, on the one hand, it's an ocean of opportunities, but you will have to wait until you catch the right fish.

Ex: When the third quarter of 2019 ended, more than 350+ million domains were registered with a business vision to grow online. Now, if we can only connect with 0.0001% of these business owners with active domains who are aiming to generate business via online marketing and offer them our services at a minimum of 10,000 INR per month, the ROI would be commendable. In a nutshell, you won't be able to beat the competition if you are struggling with below-average service, zero branding, and no portfolio.

As far as competition is concerned, I would like to go with "keep it coming!"

7. How has been the journey of KeywordsFly so far?

Our journey has been full of hurdles and countless tides. We are a team of content creators, marketers, developers and skilled engineers who were working as freelancers. I suppose destiny played some role in bringing all of us together, and one after the another, it was professionals joining back to back. In a nutshell, we went from being a bunch of freelancers to a self-funded notable agency.

8. What is the major problem, according to you, in the marketing regime?

In the marketing field, the primary problem is that people are afraid to move ahead in the digital world. Call it lack of awareness or more fondness of the traditional marketing methods; business owners are still not exploiting the available online resources. Tons of them offer their services on a trial basis – which means that you can first use, see the change and then look forward to paying them. Our growth marketing is a bit similar to this – you get a complimentary consultation round with us where we walk you through the process and then let you sleep over it. In one way or the other, growth marketing will undoubtedly help you. Because without branding, nobody could ever know Nescafe!

9. Who can benefit from growth marketing?

Any business can benefit from growth marketing, however, it is the strategy that varies. Why? Because the needs and budget varies from every business. Let’s understand this via an example –

Consider a local bakery shop and a nation-wide toy seller. The bakery shop will only be willing to expand or reach customers within 5 to 10 km. On the other hand, the toy seller would want to reach customers across the entire nation. This clearly means that the budget of both these businesses will vary which means the growth marketing strategy will be different for both. Where a small business will need local listing, marketplace and social media/ Google ads, the large will include everything on a big page.

10. What are your plans for KeywordsFly?

Making money is always there!

Yeah, from being a self-funded marketing agency to a full-fledged virtual marketing giant is the plan. Further, our pool of experts brainstorms daily to come up with new and innovative ideas that, I am pretty sure, will change the marketing regime. Apart from this, creating marketing automation tools and platforms is something we always want to shake our legs with.

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