Winning Mantras for Women Entrepreneurs to Achieve Success

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Four successful women entrepreneurs have shared tips for women entrepreneurs in the country.

Women in India are a manifestation of strength (Shakti), knowledge (Saraswathy) and Lakshmi (Prosperity). Over the years, women have proved their mettle in every sphere of life. From performing the role of efficient homemakers, women have historically grappled to be in powerful positions in the society- politics, business, technology and arts.

As Gandhiji aptly stated, “Intellectually, mentally and spiritually, woman is equivalent to a male and she can participate in every activity”, women have proved to become trendsetters and game changers in the field of entrepreneurship too.

The last three years have witnessed phenomenal growth in women entrepreneurship with a lot of successful women led start-ups. With the right idea, investment and rigorous work, many women entrepreneurs have embraced entrepreneurship and established their own successful ventures in the country.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Five successful women entrepreneurs have shared tips for women entrepreneurs in the country.

Meghna Peer, Co-founder and Director Sales, Aurelius Corporate Solutions- Being an entrepreneur in the tech space who is focused towards expanding the business, I stand as a tech-commercial person. Fund raising being one of my key focus areas, I have observed that fund raising for a female founder/ co-founder can be more challenging.

I would suggest my female peers to do proper homework before heading towards an investor meeting. It is important to be well prepared for all the questions about the company’s vision, expansion and utilization of funds. While VC/ seed funding is important, women entrepreneurs should not overlook the option of crowd-funding. There are plenty of angel women investors who are looking at encouraging women entrepreneurs; studies too have shown that women investors are twice likely to invest in women led-startups. Every woman entrepreneur needs to focus on networking as it provides access to the right resources. More networking leads to getting access to powerful individuals which might ultimately lead to more funding opportunities.

Overall, portraying confidence and a higher level of self-esteem can create a major difference in an investor meeting.

Hemalatha Annamalai, CEO & Founder, Ampere Electric Vehicle Pvt Ltd- sets an example of embarking into a field which no female would have ever thought of. She displays an exemplary work in the electric vehicle industry, receiving applauds even from the President of India for her ‘Make in India’ – the country’s most technologically advanced EV chargers

Every woman is capable of taking decisions on their own. For India to reap the advantage of the demographic dividend advantage, a woman’s role is equally critical. My message to all the budding women entrepreneurs is that the time is right to realise your entrepreneurial dream. There is also much encouragement from the government and financial institutions, to help you start and set up. There also many networking opportunities which are now available for women, through which you can get the right guidance to lead you on the right path. You just have to keep that faith and believe in yourself that despite the odds, and find a right mentor as early as you can. If the ladies can also give some 20 minutes to themselves into looking inward, it will significantly benefit in the long run for internal calm-ness and centred-ness. I hope that all young enterprising ladies be industrious and relentless in their work space and remain undaunted by headwinds ,” She opined.

Rani Khanam's Ghungroos tell the story of strength, vividness, chasing a dream, against many odds. She is one of the most sensitive and astute interpreters of Lucknow Gharana of Kathak, today. Her style reflects deep comprehension of the dance tradition which has set new dimensions and source of inspirations to younger generation, mothers and other women.

Rani Khanam, Kathak Dancer and Guru- A woman today, especially an enterprising woman, has multiple roles to live by and carry forth. Mental stamina and physical strength are paramount to justify every role. Dancing sets one's soul free; it could be a woman's true mate to distress and elevate her mood. Dancing not just helps develop the internal strength, but also makes her more resilient and balanced. It's all about chasing a dream and journey to empowerment.

The corporate lifestyle today demands robust health and there can't be any other form than a Classical dance to rejuvenate one's cells. I recommend all women entrepreneurs to join at least one Indian classical dance form and see how they surmount the day to day challenges while becoming more confident and expressive in life.

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