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Why Women Entrepreneurs Are More Resilient?

While men and women both have their own strengths, the scales are tilted towards men in societal acceptance when it comes to being a founder. It's time to break these myths and bring some balance

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Way back in 2016 while I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I was titled as an emerging “female entrepreneur or female founder” and for years I was celebrated with the same title. On the other hand, I have never seen any mention or celebration of “male founders or male entrepreneurs”. This is something that has always irked me as I have always believed that any founder, irrespective of their gender, deserves to be celebrated.

Having said that, it is well established that women founders find it much harder than their male counterparts to find acceptance in various quarters. This issue is not just in the startup world, but in the wider corporate world as well. A study conducted by Deloitte reports that India has seen a decline in the number of women CEOs over the last six years. 

As per the study, in 2016, the share of women CEOs in India stood at 6.6 percent but declined to 3.4 percent in 2018, and in 2021, it stood at a disappointing 4.7 percent only, way below previous levels. However, unfurling the wings of change, women are proving their mettle in the corporate world, especially startups, and have built multiple hundred crore brands in the last few years. That's the beauty of being born a female I presume. Turning deprivation and disparities they have faced since centuries to opportunities, women of today have developed a sense of finding a way.

Breaking cultural, societal and economical barriers, here are some of the many reasons why the world needs more women entrepreneurs :-

● Born multi-taskers

It is not a myth. Over the years several studies have shown the results of how women are way ahead in multi-tasking when compared to their male counterparts. Managing several things at a time both in personal and professional life, women become efficient in everything they’re made to do.

A perfect blend of heart and brain, women are proven better at handling financial deals, business propositions and strategies that guarantee growth.

● Patience and Hardships

While balancing multiple roles at once, women learn to make more patient choices than men. Just how Rome wasn't built in a day, businesses aren’t either. It takes persistent effort and a lot more patience to be put in for any business to become successful. The initial days bring more hardships and crises than positive news.

Years back the Dalai Lama argued that women have more biological potential for compassion than men. In her lifetime, every woman goes through menstrual cycles, labor pain, followed by several health issues. Managing a business that requires her to be just out there, becomes a cakewalk of sorts for her.

● Is she really really serious about the business?

Despite their ability to balance multiple things at a time, women are often questioned if they will be able to draw the requisite line between their personal and professional lives. In their entrepreneurial journeys, they are often judged if they are even serious about the business? 

They are doubted about whether they will get married or have kids or move cities if their husband moves. Such judgment and lack of support hardens them and makes them thick skinned to the extent that nothing can faze them.

● Her creative march!

Empirical surveys suggest that women are more creative than men. Be it art, music or literature, women are proven to be way ahead in thinking out of the box than their male counterparts. Today’s competitive ecosystem requires businesses to do beyond their regular business. Positioning themselves as brands that are creative in their approach is paramount, making women the perfect leaders of such businesses.

Several studies have shown that women employees, CEOs, entrepreneurs are not only beneficial for the organization’s growth but are imperative to the overall economic growth of the whole country. 

The hardships women go throughout their lives has finally transformed to be a catalyst in reinstating their caliber. In fact, the kind of perspective they bring on the platter is refreshing and helps to view business from a different lens. They don’t chase, they don’t imitate, they don’t act coy but come out as effective as any male founder out there.

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