Why Wait for a Girl to Get Trafficked to Save Her?

Anti-trafficking game, MISSING Game for a Cause, launches Kickstarter for the next chapter!

Last year MISSING launched the MISSING game which puts players in the shoes of a trafficked victim. For the first time trafficking was brought to a digital audience and a gaming environment in this way. The game allows players to learn about the issue in an experiential way. The game was accepted warmly across gaming communities across the globe. The game won the NASSCOM Indie game of the year award and has ½ million organic downloads in only 8 months.The game is now played in more than70 countries across the globe.

Now MISSING is launching the next chapter of the game; Missing: The Complete Saga. Based on true stories, this Role Playing Game takes the player through the journey of a valiant village girl and her fight against becoming a victim of sex trafficking, and ultimately, emerging a winner from it. This game will play a pivotal role in educating multiple audiences across the globe through an immersive experience into the dark world of trafficking.

On 30th July 2017 MISSING in collaboration with the German Consulate is organizing a Flashmob on World Day against Trafficking in Persons to to announce our latest crowdfunding initiative for MISSING: The Complete Saga. The Kickstarter campaign to fund the next chapter of the game will run from July 30until August 31st.

“Our experience in the anti-trafficking space for the last 10 years has taught us the importance of leveraging technology to help raise awareness about child trafficking. That’s why this game is so important. That’s why we need everyone to support our kickstarter, it’s going to help us re-shape how India and other countries learn about trafficking” said Leena Kejriwal, Founder of the MISSING Campaign.

“Teaching emotional health, how to be happy and the ways of good and right of different cultures is absolutely critical to decrease the demand and also decrease the supply in this industry. MISSING flows thoughts to empathy, kindness, and reaching out to strangers, maybe taking a risk in being involved. It flows kids towards taking action in their own lives for justice and to stand up for themselves, even at cost.”

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