Why I Started a Philosophy Company - Jwalant Swaroop, Founder & CEO,

A philosophy driven enterprise focuses on people and build teams, which can imagine future of the business and enterprise.

This article is written by Jwalant Swaroop, Founder & CEO,

It is interesting where Mathematics ends Philosophy begins. How true it is. We are so obsessed with excel sheets and calculations that often we misinterpret the emerging opportunities. Mathematics often does not make sense and we let go many potential trends that can change the course of an enterprise. The focus is not on philosophy but on numbers. When the same mundane enterprise management was boring me, I decided to move out of the boardroom in a fresh air. Standing on the terrace of my office I realized the air that is rejuvenating me is beyond all mathematical calculations. The calm breathing is enabling me to think beyond usual companies that try to survive on day-to-day basis.

Several examples exists how a mathematical calculation failed to identify the forthcoming change in consumer behavior and that the management actually dumped an opportunity because it did not make a business sense to pursue. A philosophy driven company will question and evaluate going beyond mathematics. The classic case of At&T missing the cellphone opportunity as it did not make business sense is an example in this direction. Steve Job, Mark Zuckerberg and Manoj Bhargawa have one thing in common that they all demonstrated their ability to comprehend philosophy and chased a dream to create something new than following the beaten tracks.

Actually a philosophy driven company evaluates mathematics far more accurately than a pure mathematics driven company.

Today most clients at Happy Ho are bored with numbers they want to free themselves from the predictability of numbers to the unpredictability of future. Though they approach this philosophy with sufficient fear and insecurity but that makes them pulsating human being, risking, creating something than becoming mere maintenance engineer.

A philosophy driven enterprise focuses on people and build teams, which can imagine future of the business and enterprise. Forecasting of new trends is based on the understanding of consumer, technology and ever evolving psychology of consumer. Often complex business problems have simple solutions, which we can ensure while going beyond all mathematical logics. Intuition plays an important role. Hence the future of the companies going forward is a combination of mathematics and philosophy. This became the driving force for me to launch Happyho to bring simple solutions for complex problems for people and organizations.

I therefore partnered with some of the best experts in areas of mind and spirit to deal with empathy and emotional intelligence of people and enterprise. Acquiring advanced mind skills means being able to conceptualize and understand what others think and feel; to form hypotheses about why others act as they do; and to appreciate complex emotional and behavioral dynamics in groups. It often leads to increased levels of strategic thinking, collaboration, leadership, and trust within organizations.

Philosophy as we know is part of Humanities such as Art and culture, music literature and history. Often I have seen that people from humanities are able to see the bigger picture and thus a miscalculation like AT&T is avoidable. It is brilliant to now turn to humanities and build businesses that serve the humanity of today and tomorrow.

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