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Whatsapp Business API: Customer-Driven Approach Driving Business Revenue

The WhatsApp Business API is thus rendering a helping hand to the businesses so that they can work with their customer-driven approach, surpass the roadblock of offering improved customer experiences and keep their customers engaged so as to drive business revenues!

In this technology-driven world, social media and instant messaging apps specifically have transformed our communication experiences. WhatsApp, one of the popular instant messaging apps has not only helped in fostering personal conversations but has emerged to be a key element for business communication as well. Ever since the emergence of the WhatsApp Business in the year 2018, the integration of the instant messaging platform with chatbots has been playing a major role in enabling communication with customers and garnering revenues. Businesses across industries work with a customer-driven approach and WhatsApp chatbots have helped them operate seamlessly and communicate with their customers effectively.

WhatsApp Business API: The key element for customer-driven approach

For businesses, ‘the customer is the king’ and communication is the key for their success. As per Modor Intelligence’s report, the ultimate aim for organizations is to keep their customers happy and engaged as a loyal customer base will eventually pave the way for greater conversions and will thus drive revenues. The study further states that this reason nudges them to incorporate chatbots for customer servicing through messaging apps and WhatsApp chatbots are the preferred solution.

As per Outgrow’s survey, 69% of consumers at the global level prefer chatbots because they provide quick and simple responses to their queries. 56% of users prefer chatbots for query resolution rather than calling customer support. 33% of users, in fact, prefer online shopping via chatbots and the remaining 47% of the consumers are open to the idea of buying items through chatbots! Be it guiding them through the sales channel, resolving their queries, or offering them high-end experiences, businesses leave no stone unturned in ensuring their customers' needs and preferences of personalized and enhanced communication experiences are catered to via the assistance of WhatsApp Business API!

WhatsApp presently boasts of an active 2 billion monthly user base at the global level. According to Market Watch’s report, the global chatbot market is expected to surpass $112 billion by 2030 from $18 billion in 2020 and will grow at a CAGR of 30.58%. WhatsApp chatbots occupy a prominent share in this global market. The report further highlights that the Asia Pacific region is an emerging market and India specifically will grow significantly. The study also points out that the growing demand for 24/7 customer service will drive the market’s growth and businesses across sectors will be keen to incorporate WhatsApp chatbots in the times to come primarily to achieve their objectives of enhancing customer interface and experience.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API for businesses

Communicate with the customer base and develop relationships with them

WhatsApp Business API helps businesses tap their target customers and foster a deeper connection with them by catering to their requirements and expectations. It offers organizations a safe, reliable, secure, and tech-savvy platform and helps them acquire new clients as well as communicate effectively with the existing ones.

Offer personalized experiences

The WhatsApp chatbots offer personalized customer experiences by capturing data and offering smooth automated conversations. This gives businesses an opportunity to expand their customer base and enjoy a competitive edge in the market.

Ensure customer satisfaction and engagement

They act as a mediator between the business and the customer and shape experiences via real-time conversation. This customer experience feedback further aids businesses in accordingly modifying their experiences thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and engagement. They also enable businesses to have a global reach and round-the-clock availability at the disposal of their customers.

Lead generation and boosted sales

WhatsApp Business API ensures timely notification, customer support as well as instant query resolution along with offering data security, privacy and online payments. With their new-age features, they empower businesses to focus their marketing efforts on creating valuable relationships with the customers thus helping in lead generation!

Summing up

WhatsApp Business API was adopted as an innovation but is now an essential element for B2C communication. WhatsApp chatbots are emerging to be a pivotal tool for businesses to cater to their customers' demands, communicate with them, and eventually build fruitful relationships with them. This will eventually carve the path for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty which will further lead to greater conversions and boosted sales. The WhatsApp Business API is thus rendering a helping hand to the businesses so that they can work with their customer-driven approach, surpass the roadblock of offering improved customer experiences and keep their customers engaged so as to drive business revenues!

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