What It Takes To Build Versatile Cloud Kitchen Businesses

In a fireside chat, Raghuram Krishnan, Head of Finance at Adobe, spoke with Raghav Joshi, co-founder of Rebel Foods

Raghav Joshi enunciated cost-optimisation as a mantle in Rebel’s journey from a single-brand customer-facing business to now a multi-brand cloud business. He remarked 'variety' as a stipulation for a company’s success in the food industry. The foodpreneur crowned technological adoptions the title of one of Rebel’s ‘best’ decisions, backing the company in scaling its in-house built platform.

Raghav Joshi also addressed his transition from an employee at Deloitte to the co-founder at Rebel Foods. He weighed in on an instant sense of ownership as well as freedom to scale that tags along the 'Founder' badge. Detailing on key challenges as a founder, he highlighted the fear of 'dropping the ball' on consumer experience as well as the dilemma of preserving organisational culture when additions are made to the team.

“Our vision is to be a platform which serves great quality brands key consumer missions in every neighbourhood”, Raghav Joshi answered to a question about Rebel’s milestone achievements. He further provided insights on Rebel’s outlet placement strategy as well as the backstory of naming the company’s digital platform 'Rebel'.

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