We Are Reaping Digital Dividends From The Adoption Of Technology: BW Disrupt, Vinish Arya

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Vinish Arya, Director of Go Devil, talks about the inception of the company, product portfolio and more

Please describe Go Devils? What is the story behind its inception?

The company was established in the year 2021 and offers high quality, affordable price, and a variety of designs to the target market. It has been involved in the production and export of readymade clothing. As per the latest trends in the clothing segment, the company is innovating new ways of engaging with customers through its product, communication, and branding strategies. 

As far as the inception story is concerned, I have been exporting garments to a number of countries including the US, the UK, and many other European nations for the last ten years or so. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic, I came up with an idea of starting my own brand rather than continuing the work for other brands. Further analysis and scrutiny revealed despite many players, there still exists a latent need for trendy fashion outfits. This thought sowed the seed of inspiration and ultimately led to the inception of Go Devil.

What problem is the start-up trying to solve? How does the platform work? 

Nowadays people show their personalities with their outfits and Go Devil helps them to express through its prints and designs patterns. The brand specifically design clothes that appeal to the young generation who are confident, outgoing, and self-made. It’s serving customers in both India and abroad with high-quality fashion garments and that too at affordable prices. The revenue model adopted by Go Devil is Direct-to-customers (D2C) and the brand is selling fashion garments to the customers directly through its online platform. Along with its own website, Go Devil has also started selling on Amazon and Flipkart and soon will make its debut on as well.

Share some detailed insights on your product portfolio?

Go Devil is selling t- shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, co-ord sets hoodies, active wear in the men’s category. While the women’s category includes t-shirts, crop top, shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, ladies dress, active wear, co-ord sets.

What is the current funding status of the start-up? Is the start-up planning to raise further funding in the near future? If so, where will you infuse it?

Go Devil is self-funded as of now and open to funding opportunities in the future. It’s currently in talks with various stakeholders to raise the money for expanding its operational and marketing activities.

What are your expansion plans? Are you looking to expand your product portfolio?

Go Devil has a vision to expand its footprints across continents in the future and emerge as a 100+ crore company in the next five years. The mission of the company is to make trendy and quality fashion garments available across the customer base at affordable prices.

6. Please share details about the user base and what your future predictions are for it.

Go Devil is targeting young customers who are interested in buying trendy outfits online at affordable prices. The idea is to offer a wide variety of designs to the customers in the age group of 15-30 and meet their specific requirements related to the clothing and apparels. 

What is the core philosophy of the start-up? What makes it unique from other players? Who is already present in the space? (Competitors)

Well, the uniqueness of Go Devil lies in its brand values – best quality, affordable prices, and responsive customer service. All these values are at the heart of the company’s business philosophy and innovative, state-of-the-art manufacturing practices adopted by the Go Devil are helping it to expand its customer-based both in India and abroad.

What is the vision and aim of the start-up? What impact does the start-up aim to make?

Making the company a household name is a dream that I want to accomplish before exiting the industry. The team is working very hard to realise this dream and doing everything possible to make sure to accomplish this ambitious goal soon in the future.

How does the start-up leverage technology and how is it benefiting?

The brand is using the latest producing technology and by completely automating the sourcing, production, and order processing, the company is reaping rich dividends from the adoption of technology. This technology integration has also helped the brand to offer a wide range of products to customers at affordable prices. 

How much revenue has the start-up generated since its inception? What is the monetisation or revenue model of Go Devils?

The revenue model adopted by Go Devil is Direct-to-customers (D2C) and the brand is selling fashion garments to the customers directly through online platforms. The revenue achieved by the brand in the very first month of its inception was around Rs 4.5 lakh which was very good from the perspective of a new start-up.

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