We Aim To Be One-Stop Solution For Healthy Snacking: Dr Ridhi Kaur, Kikibix

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Dr Ridhi Kaur, Co-founder at Kikibix, talks about the challenges and future perspective of healthy snacking in India

How did you get into this business? What was the core idea behind it?
I am a Paediatrician and have been in the medical field for 15 years; I have seen the nutritional challenges and improper snacking among most people. However, the biggest challenge was the lack of availability of genuine healthy snacks and awareness. My partner, too, resonated with this, and as a team, we built Kikibix.

This led to the creation of our brand Kikibix. So what started as a home experiment today is a full-time business.

Most healthy snacks are actually junk food when the label is read correctly. This is because the ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals added to them contrast the term “HEALTHY.”

What are your plans for the next 2-3 years?
We want to be the one-stop solution for healthy snacking in India. So over the next few years, we want to expand our categories and be available in each house across India. So a lot is brewing inside the Kikibix office; we have to do R&D on a daily basis, curating new products, new flavours and better, healthier, cleaner versions of snacks.

What are the challenges you have faced initially and still facing it?
Being a majority women team, we faced our fair share of challenges regarding not being taken seriously and dismissed. Also, we have our own manufacturing facility, so setting up our centre, and dealing with vendors, was quite difficult but also gave us a fantastic journey.

My and the team have curated our recipes in-house, and we take extensive customer feedback before we close on a product. We also ensure each product's right balance, flavour and nutritional content.

What is the company's funding status?
Self-funded right now, but we are soon raising capital as well.

How are you as an entrepreneur finding this startup ecosystem evolving?
India is in the era of spectacular growth, and for startups, India is the hotspot. If your product is good and you are willing to work hard, it is your time to shine. There is a tremendous opportunity for new ideas and products, and brands. Our TG is willing to experiment. Now the support system around Capital Raising and organisation building is also vital.

Do you plan to market your products through partnerships with any retail chain?
Yes, we are available on all major online retail platforms today. Our next steps will be towards online grocery channels and then offline too.

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