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Vision For 2021 Towards Women's Power

We need to give equal opportunities to women for equal pay, equal respect similarly to men.

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As we have safely stepped into the New Year, it is essential to celebrate the achievements of women without being gender-biased. Understand that women are no different from men. They equally deserve respect and acknowledgment. Women should also be provided with a secure and favourable environment in order to help them thrive. More Power to Women who are coming out, voicing their opinions, and proving to be an example by excelling in various fields.

With a woman winning Rs 1 crore in the last episode of KBC and the biggest superstar Amitabh Bachchan himself applauding her along with not forgetting to mention 4 other women who won on the show, makes me pen down something more for the breed as we are in this new bright year. 2021 is already here, and I am sure all of us are in full swing of motivation to start something new, do something creative, earn money, achieve goals, and be successful to make the most of this new year. Likewise, our society must put forth a vision with deep insight towards empowering women. The vision must be to create a world for women where she is loved, valued by the community, and well equipped to fulfil her dreams and her unique purpose in life.

Help women flourish

There should be appropriate help for poverty, women and girls issues, gender discrimination, financial issues, and all our societal hurdles faced by women. We do often talk and write about it. Some groups and organizations do take care of it willingly with the best plan of action. Women have benefited undoubtedly. What lacks is the consistency and retaliation to the thwart. That is the real empowerment of women. The acceptance of women in our society on all grounds is of utmost importance.

Women empowerment

This has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics. It can also point to the approaches regarding other trivialized genders in a particular political or social context. Empowerment of women is a necessity for the very development of a society since it enhances both the quality and the quantity of human resources available for development. The growing access to the web has allowed women to empower themselves by using various tools on the Internet. We as individuals can also empower women by abolishing social evils like the dowry system, child marriage. This will make them feel empowered.

Say NO to gender inequality

Women empowerment also means when society will also accept women as decision-makers for the economic and financial decisions of the family.  We shall encourage women from all sections of society to make their own decisions. They need not take permission. Thinking of society is also changing slowly. More and more women are getting a quality education. But the true meaning of women empowerment will be achieved when gender inequality will be eliminated. We need to give equal opportunities to women for equal pay, equal respect similarly to men.

Women are great leaders

Gender shouldn’t be considered as a factor when it comes to determining if the person can be a great leader or not. One’s leadership qualities depend on his/her individual strengths and personality traits. It is a known fact that women aren’t encouraged to take on leadership roles as often as their male counterparts, contributing to an imbalance of who’s in power. Putting down someone is not acceptable at all. Equal pay, career opportunities should be provided to women. They multi-task and efficiently strike that work-life balance.  Women effectively wear many hats and have the ability to come out with solutions for various problems that tend to demand their attention. Women have excellent communication skills and they are a combination of emotional intelligence, empathy, and have interpersonal skills. So, women should be provided with equal opportunities. Today, many talented and skilled leaders such as Deepika Padukone is ruling the Bollywood industry. Similarly, Nita Ambani, Kiran Majumdar, P V Sindhu, Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana, and many others have proved their metal and set an example for the youth. 

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