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Top 5 Skincare Trends To Watch In 2023

From a makeup artist and beauty influencer’s perspective, skincare is something that I do not take lightly at all and nor do I think you should

Top 5 Skincare Trends To Watch In 2023
Top 5 Skincare Trends To Watch In 2023

There was a time where skincare was a trend in itself, but in recent years, skincare has become the fastest growing category in beauty, creating trends and innovation that bridge gaps between skincare, wellness, makeup and technology. 

Your skincare routine is no longer a necessity, it is more like an opportunity to indulge in self-care and pamper yourself. From a makeup artist and beauty influencer’s perspective, skincare is something that I do not take lightly at all and nor do I think you should. Moreover, I keep a tab on things that will actually work and recommend it to my clientele as well. Let’s talk about the trends that you should watch out for in the coming year:

Niacinamide and ceramide for the win - and I mean it when i say this! These Vitamin B3 derivatives are big heroes and have just recently come into the trend. They are going to make it big in 2023 for sure with their benefits for complexion. If used daily, these ingredients protect your skin, treat brown spots, acne, dullness, improve skin tone, reduce pore size and what not. And the biggest of all, they suit all skin types so for everyone who’s skeptical about the fad, just take that leap of faith and go for it. 

Skinimalism to be a big hero - Minimal products for the skin! Always using minimal stuff on your skin, or opting for hybrid products like moisturizers the double up as sunblock or your serums with multiple benefits. Minimal skincare will see a huge rise in the demand as less is more.

Sustainable skincare - Sustainable skincare products with zero harmful products has been around for a while and this trend is here to stay. 2023 is going to be about conscious choices and this one is a huge part of this norm, so sustainable skincare is surely in for a longer time. 

Retinol to become a norm - A year ago, nobody knew about the magical properties of this cream and now all of a sudden, it has an enormous fame on social media. Every other person is talking about this and can I say it is literally a magic product. It is a gold standard skincare and addresses multiple concerns like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. Dermats suggests this should be ideally started after 25 and continued for glass like skin - hence, this one is definitely going to blow out in 2023’ 

Selfcare as Skincare - Now this one is a little personal but a big one! Your skin is a reflection of your mental and emotional state as well as health. Taking care of yourself will automatically make you shine inside out. 

Therefore, this year your focus should be on balanced nutrition, regular exercise and healthy eating practices that will help with your mood, keep the stress away and give you the radiant, glowing and rested skin that you always wanted. Remember that your lifestyle choices go a long way.

To end this, I'd suggest being consistent and finding correct regimes that work personally for you is the most important and that will go above any trend.

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